Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing

A Blower Door Test is an important tool which measures the efficiency of a home. We can measure your home’s efficiency score and recommend ways to improve your home’s efficiency and retest to show you the improvements.

We go through a series of BPI protocols such as testing for gas leaks, any venting appliance such as bathroom fans and water heaters are turned on in order to make sure that they operate properly.
We set the house in winter conditions which mean we close all the doors and windows to the house.
We install the Blower Door onto the frame of the door.

We run the fan and use our diagnostic tools to get a reading of the home’s efficiency. In Pennsylvania a score under 5 is a passing score.

What happens if the test is a pass?

We will immediately issue you the required paperwork to submit to your building inspector.

What happens if the test is a fail?

If the test is a fail we can recommend ways to improve your home’s efficiency and try for a second time. Although we cannot guarantee a pass after this service we do have a near perfect record of achieving the state minimum requirements.

Need Any Help or Have a question?

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