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Welcome to DuctWorkTesting.com. My name is Eli and I am certified to conduct Duct Leakage Testing in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD . As you may know Aberdeen Proving Ground has adopted the 2020 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) and requires a Duct Leakage Test If any part of the HVAC system such as the Air Handler or the Ductwork sit outside of the buildings’ thermal envelope. a Give me a call at (888) 366-0260 schedule your blower door test in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

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We gives you an idea of the energy efficiency of your home.

A Blower Door Test measures the air changes per hour in a home. It’s normal for air to change and that’s a good thing to keep fresh air. Excessive air changes however, require the new air to be reheated or cooled causing significant energy loss.

A Duct Leakage Tests measures the home for leaks in the homes ductwork. It is estimated that 30% of the air which we pay to heat or cool is lost to leaks in the ductwork system. This lost air may end up in the walls, an unfinished basement, attic or crawl space. The duct blaster machine puts a number on the amount of duct leakage and helps us find and repair leaks.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD has adopted the 2020 IECC, International Energy Conservation code for single family buildings and the 2018 International Energy Conservation code for multi-family buildings. The change will have some significant implications for home builders and HVAC contractors operating in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD .

The codes state that each house or unit built must undergo a mandatory Blower Door Test. If you are installing an HVAC unit out of the buildings envelope such as in a basement or crawl space you will be required to perform a Duct Leakage Test as well

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