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Duct Leakage Test

Duct Leakage Test

I had the pleasure of perorming a duct leakage test today at the 1300 block of N 23rd St for Kyle. The hvac contractor did a nice job, everything was sealed properly. It was a two unit job the top floor I conected the duct blaster to the return ran the test and it aced. The bottom floor I connected to the air handler. That test also went well both units passed and I issued Kyle the residential duct & envelope testing form to submitt to the city of so he can close out his building permit. I am very impressed with the finish work being done to the property. I really liked the kitchen cabinets which were grey with gold handles. Keep up the good work Kyle! Check them out @ www.knecompanies.com

To learn more about how we diagnose duct leakage check out the page Duct Leakage Testing https://ductworktesting.com/duct-leakage-testing/

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